My wife and I purchased a home in Centreville that had been vacant for a few years. It was built in 1980 and hadn't been insulated very well. We gathered numerous estimates and did a lot of research before settling on FLC. I dealt with Ryan from the start. He is very professional and it was clear from our first conversation that there are strong values at FLC concerning customer service. We hired them to insulate our attic and to condition our crawl space. They arrived on scheduled and worked consistently until the project was complete. They worked out a $2,000 rebate offered through the state and didn't justify hacking up there price because of it like a couple other companies had clearly done. They also didn't subcontract the work out. Ryan was present for the whole thing. They managed to get the house insulated like a new construction, twice as efficient as before. We have been living here for 5 months now and everything they did has been working. The crawl is so comfortable I don't even mind when I need to enter it. Lastly, in month one we had a pipe burst in a location near an outer wall. This was not the fault of FLC but I explained that I had assumed that area would be protected by the attic insulation they had installed. Ryan came in and built an insulation box around the at risk pipes and only charged me materials - less than $80. Can't recommend these guys enough.

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Mr. George