Air Sealing

Sealing air leaks in your home is a cost-effective way to lower heating and cooling costs, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.

If your home was built before 2015, it could be 3x as leaky as a new home!  Many homes we test built before 1980 are 3-10x as leaky!  Those are serious losses!

Air sealing reduces the movement of air between the inside of your home and the outdoors through gaps, cracks, and penetrations you may never see.  These penetrations exist around plumbing pipes, electrical runs, HVAC systems and the "top plates" of your interior and exterior walls. Our energy professionals at FLC are trained to not only find these hidden leaks, but seal them too. We highly recommend air sealing leaks in your attic, basement and crawlspaces to make insulation more effective, reduce uncomfortable drafts, lower utility bills, cut down on pests, and improve your indoor air quality.  

How Do We Find Them?

A Blower Door Test, Diagnostic Testing and an Infrared Camera.  We encourage homeowners to use our equipment with us too!  After all, thats the best way to learn.

Air Sealing Attics

Since heat rises, air sealing the attic is the first place we start. We target holes and penetrations in the ceiling, attic-access, lighting fixtures, fans, plumbing bypasses, wiring, and chimney chases.

Air Sealing Basements

Basements can be a major source of outside air infiltrating your home.  We focus on sealing rim joists (band boards), foundation walls and sill-plates to create a basement that keeps your home warm, dry and comfortable. We also seal the floor of your home to stop harmful air in this area from contaminating your living space. 


Crawlspace Air Sealing, Encapsulations and Conditioning the Space


Whether you experience standing water or not, crawlspace moisture diffuses through your home by air-movement, fostering the growth of mold, creating uncomfortable spaces and compromising indoor air quality.

The picture above is a pretty common occurance we find in crawlspaces.  This is the air-return for the HVAC system and it is wide open to the crawlspace.  This means that nasty air from within the crawlspace was being sucked up into the house and the homeowners were breathing it year round.  It also means the HVAC system was working much harder than it should have to heat, cool, and dehumidify the air from the crawlspace, rather than the air from the house.


Here’s what you can expect: From the attic to the basement, inside and out, FLC can locate and seal air leaks throughout the home. We'll also Test-In and Test-Out before we leave, proving the difference we've made, right before your eyes.

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