Spray Foam Insulation for Customers throughout Delmarva!

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray Foam is a two-in-one product, meaning it air-seals and insulates at the same time.  Unlike other fibrous insulations (i.e., fiberglass), which require an additional step of air-sealing to prevent air movement, Spray Foam Insulation expands during its application, sealing gaps, filling cavity spaces and creating a continous barrier accross a surface.  Spray Foam insulation creates comfortable spaces, lower utilty bills, and it can even improve your home's structural integrity. 

Closed Cell Spray foam can increase the "racking strength" of a 2 x 4 wall by 300%!

Closed Cell Foam is also a Vapor and Moisture Barrier, making it a great option for homes on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Types of Spray Foam Used By FLC Energy

Open Cell Spray Foam: 

FLC Energy uses Open Cell Foams having R-Values between 4.1 and 4.5 per inch.  Open Cell Foam has a density of about .5 lbs a cubic foot. 

If you were to open this material up with your hands, you'd notice thats its pretty easy to pull apart, and there are noticable air-pockets and voids within the material.  Open Cell Spray Foam is vapor open, so its a good option for things like walls and ceilings, but its not a product you would use in a wet application, like a crawlspace.

Closed Cell Spray Foam: 

We use a Closed Cell Spray Foam with an R-Value of 7.5 per inch.  As you probably noticed, Closed Cell has a much higher R-Vaue than Open Cell materials.  Closed Cell is also far more dense than Open Cell, coming in at 2.0 pounds a cubic foot.  This gives Closed Cell its higher R-Value, but it also makes it a far stronger product too.  At 3" in thickness, you can actually walk on this material over a drywall ceiling and not fall through. 

Closed Cell Foam is Vapor and Moisture Barrier as well, making it a great material for all applications, including crawlspaces.  All of FLC's Conditioned Crawlspaces are sealed with Closed Cell Spray Foam.




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