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Amazing Work

Jeanne K. - Whitehaven, MD

My husband and I bought a 102 year old house and spent our first winter in it this past year (and what a winter!!!).  By December, it was so cold inside that we were prompted to find an insulation company that would remedy the cold and drafts.

After calling Delmarva Power and finding out that they partnered with companies to insulate homes through the Home Performance with Energy-Star program, we found FLC in Salisbury to perform the remediation work.  Although there are several companies in the area to choose from, we highly recommend using FLC.  It was our great fortune to find them!

Ryan and his crew came and performed an energy audit and pinpointed the drafty and “problem” areas in our home where we were losing the most heat.  Not only did they insulate and caulk every nook and cranny in the house, but they came back several times to ensure that each area was sealed correctly. The work they did was amazing and our heating costs were cut in HALF in the first month! ($300 in December and $150 in January, post remediation) Not to mention the warmth and comfort!!

Delmarva offers their customer 50% in a matching amount (up to $2000.00) so our cost under the program was dramatically reduced. I have no doubt that we will see a very rapid return on our investment in the first year.

Already this summer we are experiencing a cooler and more energy efficient home.

Thank you Ryan and your whole team for bringing our house into the 21st century!


Jeanne K.