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Quick Home Energy Check

Only available to Delmarva Power Customers in the state of Maryland


A Quick Home Energy Check-Up (QHEC) is a modified version of a Comprehensive Energy Audit. Have a BPI Certified Professional conduct a visual audit of your home, checking insulation levels, water usage, and health and safety issues.

While our BPI professional is in your home, they will also be installing a number of energy saving products at No Additional Cost to your current bill!

  • Energy Saving Bulbs
  • Water Efficient Shower Heads
  • Water Efficient Sink Aerators
  • Energy Efficient Surge Protector
  • Insulation and Pipe Wrap for your Hot Water Heater

Again, ALL AT NO COST - Honestly, check the Facebook posts of our satisfied customers!

This program is supported by the Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008 and is completed on your home or apartment at No Additional Cost to your Delmarva Power bill. The QHEC program is a great way for people interested in learning more about energy efficiency to have a conversation with a specialist in their own home, discussing the issues that concern them, all while receiving efficient products that can help them save a few dollars on their monthly bill!

If you haven’t had a QHEC completed on your home, what’s stopping you?