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Properly Insulated Homes - Year-Round Benefits

                Well, folks, summer is certainly in full swing right now on Delmarva.  If you had comfort and energy issues over the winter, you’re probably feeling the polar opposite right about now. 

                For many people, no matter how long that A/C system runs, their house just never gets comfortable.  Either that or they have wide temperature swings throughout different parts of the home – usually the first and second floor, but also in south-west v. north-east facing room.  These comfort issues, coupled with high utility bills can really leave people with the summertime blues.  But wait, there IS a cure!


                People typically think of insulation as something that prevents cold air from getting in the house during the winter.  Actually, insulation resists the flow of heat, so it’s beneficial in both winter and summer.  During the cold months, insulation stops heat from pushing up and out of your house, but in the summer months its reverse, it stops attic heat from pushing down into your house.  That’s a good thing too – have you felt how hot it is in an attic lately?  I was in one this afternoon and trust me; it was hot – close to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in fact!

                Stopping heat gains (your house getting warmer from the sun) begins with the sealing of passageways in your home that allow hot air to push into your living space.  Most of these holes and penetrations are in your attic floor; typically they’re electric runs, plumbing lines and even the cut-outs for your HVAC system.  Other times they’re just from poor building designs!  After that’s been taken care of, add the insulation! Code for attic insulation in our area is R-49 or roughly 15-17” depending on the product type. 

                After the work is done, enjoy a more healthy, comfortable and efficient house.  Do this right the first time, and you won’t have to worry about it for over 20 years. 

#CallFLC today for your own Comprehensive Home Assessment!  They’re just $100 for Delaware Residents!

And remember, Delmarva Power customers in Maryland are entitled to a no-additional cost visual energy audit through the Quick Home Energy Check-up program!  It’s the first step in improving your homes performance!

Almost forgot, rebates for efficient upgrades in Maryland are at $2750.  Delaware rebates are up to $6750.  Take advantage of these programs while they last!




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