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Blower Doors and Duct Blasters - Code Compliance on Delmarva

Energy Efficiency plays a big part in Code Compliance these days.  From the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, the percentage of efficient lighting in the home, to how “tight” your house is.  All of these things have an effect not only on the initial purchase price of your home, but also the amount it will cost you over time. 

                For many years, energy use wasn’t something considered in the International Residential Code.  Even when it was, it wasn’t very well enforced (We’re still working on this one).  In fact, it wasn’t until 1978 that there was wide-spread adoption of insulation standards for exterior walls.  Before that time, it was basically up to the builder to decide whether installing insulation was a cost effective fit for a home based on the price of utilities in an area.

Properly Insulated Homes - Year-Round Benefits

                Well, folks, summer is certainly in full swing right now on Delmarva.  If you had comfort and energy issues over the winter, you’re probably feeling the polar opposite right about now. 

                For many people, no matter how long that A/C system runs, their house just never gets comfortable.  Either that or they have wide temperature swings throughout different parts of the home – usually the first and second floor, but also in south-west v. north-east facing room.  These comfort issues, coupled with high utility bills can really leave people with the summertime blues.  But wait, there IS a cure!


Home Energy Saving Services

What are some typical recommendations after a Comprehensive Work Scope?  Sealing Air Leaks

Excessive air leakage allows your conditioned air to escape from your home. FLC recommends sealing these leaks to keep your conditioned air inside and the outdoor air outside. You’re paying to condition the air; you ought to keep it where you use it! Sealing air-leaks also cuts down on the movement of moisture vapor around your home, resulting in a more durable, healthy home.

"Tool Time" Home Energy Tips