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Insulating Your Crawlspace


You've probably seen the insulation installed in the ceiling of your crawlspace.  Its the way homes have been insulated for years.  However, because of moisture issues, rodents, and gravity, homeowners can find themselves replacing this insulation close to every five years.  Doing this job once is costly enough, but twice, that's just a waste!  

FLC removes the old fiberglass batt insulation in your floor for you and instead, uses Soy-Based Spray Foam on your foundation walls.  The cost of spray foam has come down drastically over the past few years, and the foundation walls cover less square feet than the floor, making it the best option when reinsulating this space. Not only will spray foam last (we've seen systems in place for 30+ years), its a more continuous, better insulator than fiberglass. It also adds to the structural integrity of the building because it is a rigid system once dry.

The best part of this system?  Once its complete, the crawlspace becomes a conditioned part of your home.  That means the HVAC system in the crawlspace will have better longevity, your floors will be warmer, you'll have less pests, and the air you breath inside your home will be healthier!