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HERS Ratings

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the Nationally Recognized system by which a home’s energy performance is inspected and calculated.

The HERS Index Score measures a home’s energy efficiency and allows it to be compared to other rated homes, as well as older existing properties. A Rated Home not only tells you about the home’s efficiency, but it will clue you in as to what modifications can be made for improved energy savings too. A HERS rating is also a great marketing tool when selling a home. A house with a lower HERS Index Score can drive-up resale value and give great insight to the home-buyer about average monthly utility bills.

Requirements for HERS Rating Index:

– Inspection of the Buildings Exterior Walls
– Inspection of Floors Over Unconditioned Spaces (garages and porches)
– Insulation Inspections (attic, walls, crawlspace)
– Windows and Doors
– HVAC system, Hot Water Heater and Thermostat Inspection
– Duct Test with Duct Blaster
– Blower Door Test
– Home Model with REM-rate software

HERS Ratings include the testing required for passing the 2012 IECC. HERS Ratings include documentation for code compliance. Have FLC complete a HERS Rating on your home for assistance in meeting 2012 IECC standards.