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Duct Sealing

When we feel inconsistent temperatures in our homes,  have poor air quality and drafts, most homeowners are quick to replace windows, doors and invest in new heating systems. However, if the ducts that distribute the air and heat throughout your home are leaky or improperly installed, they may be the real culprit!

At FLC, we include extensive testing of the ductwork in your home during our energy audits and evaluations.  Similar to the blower door test, we use a fan and air pressure gauge, along with sophisticated software to measure the rate of air leaking from your ducts. This process helps us determine the real cause of energy losses and make the most helpful and cost efficient improvements to your home’s HVAC system.

"Did you know?" - The average duct system leaks between 20-40%!

If our test shows the system is in poor condition, we seal any holes, gaps or disconnected ducts using a combination of sealing materials, depending on the size and location of the leaks. After the work has been completed, we perform a “test out." This "test-out" measures the system's improvement and ensures that you've gotten the work you expected! 

For more information about duct testing and sealing services, or to schedule a Comprehensive Home Assessment, give us a call!