Comprehensive Home Assessments

Let us solve your comfort issues and high utility bills!

Qualified customers in Delaware and Maryland can receive a Comprehensive Energy Audit for only $100! Typically $400, Delmarva Power and the Energize Delaware program subsidize $300 directly to the FLC GreenTeam! It's a good deal!

While we're doing the assessment, we can also install energy saving equipment at no additional cost! Fluorescent and LED light bulbs, water efficient showerheads, sink aerators, smart surge protectors and more!


Why Should I Get an Energy Audit?

Smart homeowners know that an energy audit by FLC’s Green Team will save them money now and well into the future.  An energy audit, alongside the retrofit work will also:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Increase the home’s comfort
  • Increase the home’s safety
  • Decrease noise from outside
  • Cut down on pests and rodents
  • Increase the home’s resale value
  • Lower your carbon footprint and preserve natural resources.


Comprehensive Home Assessment Services Include:

  • Infrared Camera:

The thermal camera allows our Green Team to find issues in the building’s “envelope” that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This is one of the best tools for diagnosing the areas of your home that lead to comfort issues.

  • Blower Door:

This measures the amount of air leaking in (infiltration) and out (exfiltration) of your home. The infiltration and exfiltration of air in your home removes conditioned air from your HVAC system, decreasing your comfort, making your system work harder, and costing you money. Our Blower Door not only tests the amount of air you are losing, but along with a thermal camera and some intuitive knowledge, it helps us find the areas where you are losing it as well.

  • Duct Blaster:

Much like a home, an HVAC duct system also leaks quite a bit of air; 20-40% on average. We pressurize your duct system to verify the amount of its air-loss and the need for improvements.

  • Combustion Safety:

Most of this test takes place in the Combustion Appliance Zone “CAZ” where we are assessing the home’s furnace, boiler and hot-water heater to make sure that no harmful by-products of incomplete combustion are lingering in your living space.


*The $100 offer is valid for homes under 3,000 square feet with a single combustion appliance zone. Audits of larger homes, or ones with multiple combustion appliance zones may cost more. We'll discuss your home with you to determine the price.