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Blower Door Tests


Blower Door Testing

This diagnostic test determines the amount of air leakage through the building’s “shell”.  According to our area’s code, the leakage rate for new construction is under three air exchanges per hour. 

Let FLC verify the good work you’ve done and ensure the home is healthy, safe and durable.  We can also help you implement changes if it turns out the building is losing a bit too much air.


Duct Pressure Testing

Let’s be sure that brand new HVAC system is operating as efficiently as advertised.  Much like the building shell, the HVAC distribution system must also be tested for its leakage rate. 

We can test these systems at the rough-in stage, or post-construction.  The choice is up to the Builder/Contractor and the HVAC Professional.

*Systems that are 100% within conditioned space do not have to be tested* Talk to us about Encapsulated Crawlspaces!



Why Do We Test?

Well, for one thing, the IRC and IECC make it mandatory.  But compliance with these codes leads to a more efficient, comfortable, durable and healthy building that will last hundreds of years.  These test also ensure that a high level of workmanship has been maintained and customers are getting what they've paid for. 


Remember, these tests require a trained and certified energy auditor’s sign-off.  FLC Energy is a BPI GoldStar Contractor and our Green Team is made up of BPI Certified individuals and HERS Raters.

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