Keeping your family healthy and comfortable is our top priority, because we understand it’s your priority. We make recommendations and upgrades that will improve your home’s air quality, heating and cooling and overall comfort.
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Expensive energy bills are one of the biggest costs homeowners have to pay; they also cause a lot of stress. We work with state and federal programs to provide you w/ rebates and financing to make your upgrade affordable.
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We believe in helping families find the right repairs and upgrades that fit their needs and their wallets. We do thorough assessments and perform high quality work to get the job done right the first time.
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Welcome to FLC Energy

FLC is a home performance contractor working to make homes and small businesses more efficient, comfortable and safe.

We look at your home as a completely integrated system. As experts in home energy and weatherization we want to help you find the most effective solutions for your home. Instead of focusing on one single problem, we identify the true cause of your home’s discomfort, inefficiency and poor air quality. We offer a variety of assessment options to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and pinpoint any potential issues. After our energy audits and comprehensive home assessment, we then offer a full report and provide recommendations and priorities for any upgrades and repairs. Let us work with you to make your home healthy, safe, energy efficient and comfortable.